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RN Supervisor

Job Description

Never have been shown by credible evidence( e.g. a court or jury, a department investigation, or other reliable evidence) to have abused , neglected, sexually assaulted, exploited, or deprived any person or to have subjected any person to serious injury as a result of intentional or grossly negligent misconduct as evidenced by an oral or written statement to this effect obtained at the time of application and participated in orientation and training as required by the DHR


Qualifications of the RN supervisor include:

• A current Georgia RN license to practice nursing and render services in Accordance with the provisions of the Georgia Registered Professional Nurse Practice Act, O.C.G.A. 43-26-1 et seq.
• Two years’ experience in home health services or a related field, experience working with older populations is preferred
• Knowledge of current methods of home management, the provision of personal care, the ability to supervise and coordinate the work of others, to evaluate situations and make decisions, and to communicate and deal effectively with others
• Working knowledge of Rules and Regulations for Private Home Care Providers Chapter 290-5-54.
• Working knowledge of the policies and procedures of the CCSP, Source.


Duties of the RN supervisor include:

A. monitoring and supervising the care of those members whose health status and situation involve complex observations
B. reviewing referrals from CCSP/Source care coordinators, evaluating the member's needs during initial and subsequent visits, and identifying and assigning the appropriate staff to provide the member care needed
C. developing and revising member care plans as appropriate and reviewing the content of member care plans during each supervisory visit and communicating all revisions to appropriate staff
D. supervising personal support aides and licensed practical nurses
E. completing clinical records, including documenting progress notes and
f. supervisory visit entries
g. Reviewing, signing, and dating all clinical record entries (i.e., service record forms, progress notes) made by the personal support aides assigned to
H. those members whose health status and situations involve complex observation
I. reviewing and co-signing all documentation of the LPN's supervisory
J. visits within ten (10) days of each visit and following up immediately on all concerns raised by the LPN.
K. communicating member care needs with other CCSP providers, member, member representatives, caregivers, and/or CCSP care coordinators
L. making appropriate recommendations to CCSP care coordinators regarding member services
M. conducting face-to-face visits in the member's home as required in Section 1403.IA to re-evaluate the needs of those members whose health status and situation involve complex observations
N. arranging for orientation and in-service training of staff
O. educating the member, member's representative, and/or caregiver(s) about the member's health status, level of functioning, and health care needs
P. reporting changes in the member's status/condition to the member's physician


The registered nurse may assign certain tasks to unlicensed assistive personnel. The registered nurse will utilize the "RN Assignment Decision Tree," generated by the Georgia Board of Nursing, to assist the registered nurse to make appropriate decisions regarding whether to assign a task to an unlicensed person. The RN Assignment Decision Tree assists the registered nurse to evaluate client care tasks on an individual client basis; it guides the nurse to assign only those tasks that can be safely performed by trained unlicensed assistive personnel

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