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Who is eligible for Community Care Services-(CCSP) Medicaid Wavier Program?

The eligibility criteria for CCSP include the following:

  • Functional impairment caused by physical limitations which includes Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Unmet need for care

  • Approval of care plan by applicant’s physician

  • Services fall within the average annual cost of Medicaid reimbursed care provided in a nursing facility

  • Approval of an intermediate level of care certification for nursing home placement

  • Medicaid-eligible or potentially eligible after admission to CCSP

  • Individual chooses community-based, rather than institutional services

  • Health and safety needs can be met by CCSP

  • Participation in no other Medicaid Waiver program at the same time

  • Medicare home health services or hospice does not meet their needs

  • Home delivered meals is not the only service needed

  • The home environment is free of illegal behavior and threats of bodily harm to other persons.

  • An individual is not required to be homebound to receive CCSP services.


Depending on an individual’s income, they may be expected to pay a portion of the cost of services, and there may be a waiting list as well.


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What are the financial eligibility requirements?
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Personal Care Assistance 

Admission Critieria

Community Care Services Program



North East Region

Newton, Jasper, Morgan, Madison & Walton

Clayton, Dekalb, Gwinnett, Henry & Rockdale

Personal Support Services (PSS) provide personal care tasks such as assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, preparation of meals, light housekeeping tasks, and other activities of daily living.
Extended Personal Support Services refer to those tasks designed for members who need assistance with activities of daily living, as well as relieve those person(s) normally providing care and/or oversight.
Skilled Nursing Services (SNS) by Private Home Care Providers provide skilled nursing intervention/monitoring service to the member.


Paying for Homecare- Medicaid Wavier Program-CCSP

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The Community Care Services Program (CCSP) operates under a Home and Community-Based Waiver (1915c) granted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This Waiver permits the Division of Medical Assistance to use Title XIX funds to purchase services for CCSP members who meet program requirements. The Community Care Services Program assists individuals who are older and/or functionally impaired to continue living in their own homes and communities as an alternative to nursing home placement. Individuals served by the program are required to meet the same level of care for admission to a nursing facility and be Medicaid eligible or potentially Medicaid eligible

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