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 Job Description



Never have been shown by credible evidence( e.g. a court or jury, a department investigation, or other reliable evidence) to have abused , neglected, sexually assaulted, exploited, or deprived any person or to have subjected any person to serious injury as a result of intentional or grossly negligent misconduct as evidenced by an oral or written statement to this effect obtained at the time of application and participated in orientation and training as required by the DHR.


Qualifications of the Personal Support Aide/C.N.A include:


1.  Ability to read and write, follow verbal and written instructions, and complete legible written reports of care given.
2.  Completion of one of the following training requirements:
  • documentation of nurse aide certification from the Georgia Department of Community Health, Healthcare Facility Regulations Division ; or
  • successful completion of a competency examination for
  • nurse aides or of a health care or personal care credentialing program approved by the Healthcare Facility Regulations Division, Private Home Care Providers Section, or
  • a total of 40 hours of training. The aide receives at least 20 hours of this training prior to caring for members. The aide completes an additional 20 hours of training within the first six months of employment.
  • Required training includes, but is not limited to:
  • safety and accident prevention; fire safety
  • budgeting/home economics
  • effective communication with older adults
  • caring for members with Alzheimer’s and other related disorders
  • observations skills; reporting and documentation procedures
  • The provider RN supervises the 40 hours of training that is documented in the aide’s personnel file. The agency’s training file includes information about objectives, content, time spent per subject matter, instructor(s), instructor’s credentials, and evaluation.
3.  a caring and understanding attitude toward individuals who are elderly, disabled or frail
4.  ability to be flexible and tolerant of varied lifestyles
5.  ability to work under supervision and within the guidelines of a care plan
6.  good health


Duties of the Personal Support Aide/C.N.A include:

1.  provide or assist with any of the appropriate duties listed in Section 1401.3.
2.  encourage member to make decisions and to remain as independent as possible.
3.  encourage member representative to be involved and responsible for care of the member.
4.  observe and report changes in member’s condition, meal consumption, food storage and cooking equipment failure to the supervisor.
5.  maintain current progress notes indicating changes in the member’s condition, problems that hinder service delivery, and additional needs of the member.
6.  complete the Member Service Record (Appendix B) after each visit for each member and forward it to the PSS supervisor as required.
7.  monitor members and their environments to address and report issues that impact members’ health, safety, or welfare. Member observations include:
  A. meal consumption
  B. safety in the home
  C. changes in the member’s physical or emotional condition
  D. changes in the member’s support systems
8.  apply information acquired through training
9.  adhere to the Personal Support Services provider’s written code of ethics


Service Training
Each aide receives at least 8 hours in-service training per calendar year. The provider provides the PSA with the following in-services on a yearly basis: Basic First Aid  / Infection Control/ Body Mechanics/ Nutrition/ Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

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