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 Job Description

Home Maker, Companions or Sitters



Never have been shown by credible evidence( e.g. a court or jury, a department investigation, or other reliable evidence) to have abused , neglected, sexually assaulted, exploited, or deprived any person or to have subjected any person to serious injury as a result of intentional or grossly negligent misconduct as evidenced by an oral or written statement to this effect obtained at the time of application and participated in orientation and training as required by the DHR


Home Maker, Companions or Sitters perform companion or sitter tasks for clients. Such persons may not provide other private home care services to clients unless qualified


Home management" -activities normally performed by a homemaker for the maintenance of a home's essential services, Including but not limited to activities such as meal planning, shopping, and bill paying; any employee that is authorized unlimited access to a client's personal funds for home management shall be bonded through the provider.

Housekeeping or housekeeping tasks" means those activities performed for the upkeep and cleanliness of the home, including but not limited to such activities as laundry, changing linens, trash disposal, and cleaning.

Transport and escort services" means accompanying clients or providing or arranging transportation for clients to places outside of their residences for purposes such as appointments, entertainment, exercise, recreation, shopping, or social activities.


Any companion or sitter hired after the 2/14/13 must meet the following minimal requirements:


(I) Be able to read and write, follow verbal and written instructions, and complete written reports and documents;


(II)Successfully complete training or demonstrate understanding and practical competency in the following areas
Understanding the needs and characteristics of elderly, handicapped, or convalescing individuals; meal preparation and serving; transportation and escort services; housekeeping to include sanitation; home safety; handling medical emergencies in the home; and infection control.


Staff Training. Prior to working with clients, all employees hired or used on or after the effective date 2/14/13 who provide services to clients shall be oriented in accordance with these rules and shall thereafter receive additional training.


Orientation shall include instruction in:

  1. 1. Ace Nurses/Aides Registry's written policies and procedures regarding its scope of services and the types of clients it serves and clients rights and responsibilities and complaints, as well as other policies that are relevant to the employee's range of duties and responsibilities;

  2. The employee's assigned duties and responsibilities;

  3. Reporting client progress and problems to supervisory personnel and procedures for handling medical emergencies or other incidents that affect the delivery of services in accordance with the client's services plan;

  4. The employee's obligation to report known exposure to tuberculosis and hepatitis to the employer.


Additional training consisting of a minimum of eight clock hours of training or instruction shall be provided annually for each employee after the first year of employment. Employees hired prior to the effective date of these rules are also required to receive eight clock hours of training or instruction annually beginning with the effective date of these rules. Such training or instruction shall be in subjects that relate to the employee's assigned duties and responsibilities.

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