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CCSP (Community Care Services Program)

CCSP (Community Care Services Program)

The Right Services - At the Right Time - In the Right Place

  • Helps seniors and individuals of all ages with disabilities remain in their own homes or in the community, as an alternative to a nursing home

  • Assists caregivers who need help in caring for their loved one

The Community Care Services Program is a Medicaid Waiver Program offering an array of services to help persons stay in the community. It serves individuals with limited incomes and resources and is a very cost effective program in comparison to nursing home care. It is similar to the SOURCE Waiver program, but does not require an individual to use a specific primary care physician. The services include:

  • Adult Daycare

  • Emergency Response Systems

  • Personal Support Service, which includes assistance with bathing, light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, meal preparation and respite

  • Home Delivered Meals

  • Skilled Nursing Service

  • Out of Home Respite Care

  • Alternative Living Services, which provides meals, personal care and supervision in an receive services through CCSP

To receive services through CCSP, an individual must: Be eligible or potentially eligible for Medicaid Have a physical impairment that causes limitations with self-care and which would meet the criteria for a nursing home level of care (this can include dementia) Have approval for participation in the program by a physician Have health and personal needs that can be met safely in the community and within established cost limits Depending on an individual’s income, they may be expected to pay a portion of the cost of services, and there may be a waiting list as well.

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